Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog #2 assignment

Prompt:  For Friday, on your blog, write a short analytical piece about one or both of the paintings we talked about in class (Manet and/or Titian).  Use the discussion, notes, and collective writing from class as a basis for your piece.  

Rationale:  The point of this assignment is for you to practice writing analytically.  The argument can mirror the one we wrote together in class, but you should put in your own ideas and observations.  (You can have a unique argument too).

Audience:  You are the audience (you are writing this as a model to yourself).

1.  Explain/introduce the topic in a few sentences.
2.  Name the painting and artist you are analyzing.
3.  Provide an argument or thesis statement (you can use the same one we used in class if you like, or you can come up with your own).
4.  Provide at least two points that back up your claim with evidence/observations.
5.  Write a conclusion sentence or two.

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