Friday, January 31, 2014

Optional Bonus Question

In what ways are the following two photographs similar to the Venus/Olympia paintings?
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  1. These two pictures are similar to the Venus/Olympia paintings in terms of the posture changes. In the Olympia painting the woman laying down had a very stern posture. She did not seem very relaxed whereas the woman in the Venus painting seemed to be more relaxed and calm. She was also laid back more on her pillows. Those ideas connect with the two photos above because as we discussed in class the woman from the Blurred Lines video was in a more subservient position whereas the man from the parody was in a position that showed that in some way he was more in control. This is similar to the paintings because the Olympia woman appears to be in control in some way. Also if you think of the dates in which each painting or video was created, the ones in which the women is in a subservient or "weaker" position came first. The Venus painting is dated 1538 whereas Olympia is dated 1863 and clearly the original "Blurred Lines" video came before its parody.

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  3. The two photos above are similar to the Venus/Olympia paintings in the subject changes such as posture and minor details. Also the fact that there is a change in the feelings the viewer gets from each photo which is illustrated in both pairs. The Venus/Olympia paintings, at least for myself, had two totally different feels to them which mirrors my exact feelings towards the above images. Just goes to show that imagery is powerful and has been used by artist to elicit a viewer response and express views since human kind began to create.